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Hide details for 11.011.0
BBSZB93FJCAdmin4.nsf - Fixed a problem that when renaming a name that had previously changed from ñ to Ñ not showing change when rename again.
SMOYB9BQ3Dpubnames.ntf - Fixed a problem with mail in database documents where the Open action button didn't work
JSHHBD9BYTFixed a problem with the StdR10Mail/ja mail template where the option "Set current font as mail default" was not available after the StdR10Mail/ja...
AGUDBDANA4Pubnames.ntf - Fixed a problem where in a Server document, clicking the Create Web action and using that to create a Virtual Server document would...
AJASBGLK7GFixed a problem in the German mail template where Notes Agent cleanwscalendardatetime was not resetting CSForwardCurrentCalendarEDT, resulting in...
TKAABGH5ET(Japanese only) Replica ID of DJX Domino Directory Template is duplicated with Domino Directory Template, causing template designs to change during...
AGUDAX4FCK"Save and close" action in many pubnames forms was updated so it doesn't try to close after save fails.
AGUDB6VNP2In Policy Settings forms, make sure an unexpected error while saving aborts the save, so document isn't saved with settings that won't apply even...
JPKRBFGQUWThe check for updates button has been removed from DCT since we don't have a source for online updates at the moment.
AGUDBFRHGEWhen opening DirSync Configuration, status bar displays message "Subform $DirConfig not loaded"
AGUDB8PKTYTemplates - Pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue in Server form - Notes Traveler tab - IBM Notes Traveler Access where if the option "users listed in all...
Hide details for 10.0.1 FP510.0.1 FP5
CSAHBDPJ7DDisable DAOS option in autcat.ntf to avoid DAOS reset and extra log messages. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
Hide details for 10.0.1 FP110.0.1 FP1
AGUDB6JNUXFixed an issue with "AUTCAT java class not found" error
Hide details for 10.010.0
IFAY8T3BMQ Calendar view in Rooms & Reservation database displays a user name sometimes in the header area.
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP9 9.0.1 FP9
JKEY9J6G95Fixed an issue where repeating anniversaries cannot be created in the French Mail Template
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP8 9.0.1 FP8
RREN9JXEJCRemove the duplicate "Shared Actions" entries in Standard 9.0.1 mail template.
DCONAF4K6SFix an issue where repeating draft meetings are missing from the ($CSAPIs) view
DCON9NZR8GDrafts view needs to be updated to change the date column from the creation date to the last modified date
BMBMAHG9WTFix an incorrect formula name in the Password expiration period field.
DCON9JQTRNCorrected the icon column for cancellations in C&S API view
BMBMAHG7UFFix an incorrect formula name in the Notes Traveler setting form.
SAPLA5FESNFix the issue where disabling 'Show display names as internet address' preference using $INETADDRESSFIXUP=0 is not working
QLIG9LSBHCFix the issue where the icon column of ($CSAPIs) view is returned with an incorrect value for a draft meeting
IFAYA67B55Fix an issue where users are unable to find available rooms when the server is restricted


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